Any loewe xelos 32hd lcd owners


claire handford

Any honnest opinions on this lcd ( owners of only )
Has anyone wall mounted it and which bracket did you use .?
Is the sound as good as the reviews make out ?
Can it be used as a centre speaker ?
And the big it worth the money ? or should i buy 2 toshiba,s ( 1 for the bedroom ) :rolleyes:


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I wall mounted mine - see a thread posted within the last week. The Loewe wall mount was £75 and due to the non standard fixing on the display may be your only bet. It is very well made and the only down side is that it does not swivel - the tilt mechanism is built into the display.

Sound wise it is pretty good. I use a 5.1 system for watching films loud, but for normal DVD or TV watching, I have never wished for more. It does have 2 coax digital audio inputs (plus a coax digital output) that can be assigned to any input. If it was possible to set this input as mono, then in theory it can be used as a center speaker. I think that you can do this, but I would check with LinnSight as the onscreen manual does not make this clear. However, use of any TV in a well configured multi channel environment is not optimal since the center speaker should have the same characteristics as the left and right.

Picture quality wise, the Xelos is up there with the best of them. I prefer the look of the Spheros over the Xelos due to the subtle way that the glass filter to me makes the display more cinematic, but detail wise it would be identical. Feature wise, the Xelos and Spheros are well loaded as they would say and that is before the D-sat/d-tv and harddisc, home automation, dolby digital etc etc options or the Spheros' motorised cabinet! Probably the most complete display available right now. My only critism is that the PC input is shared with the DVI input - but they would be seperately selectable from the remote if you could get a VGA+DVI-D -> DVI-I combiner - I have patented the idea even thought I do not know whether it is technically possible!

Is it worth it? If I was doing the same again, for the same money as my Xelos 32 SL HD/DR+ D-TV/D-Sat I would go for the standard Spheros 32" and omit the DR+ and D-TV/D-Sat options. The reason is that, the only flaws in the display in my opinion is with the DR+ and digital TV options. Like yourself, being a Pace Twin owner, moving back to a single digital tuner (2 analogue ones) was harder than I realised. So my Pace is still being as faithful to me as it can be. The other reason is that, with little inquisitive fingers being present in the household, the glass of the Spheros is more of a barrier, morel or otherwise.

For yourself, I guess it all depends on your finances. The Spheros is very much a luxury item - a colour option that can add £1000 to the list is just an indication. The Xelos is more main stream, but still premium. With a RRP (before discounts) the same as the Sharp GD1E and Philips 9986, the Loewe offers more in terms of features. PQ wise, I have no hesitation to recommend it either. Its build quality is also second to none - I could probably throw the Xelos across the room and be confident that nothing would drop off. So it doesn't have a digital tuner as standard or ambilight, only you can know if these are something that you need. I can't however recommend the Loewe DVD recorder.

If you were thinking of an alternative, why not 2 Xelos A 26"?


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