any loewe models take pal progressive?

Probably worth sending an email to get answers from them with your specific setup, but the Q2500 chassis Aconda does. I think you need the VGA module to do it though. Try a search in this forum for Loewe and progressive as there is a bit thread on how it can be done for NTSC. This should now be the same for PAL if you have a 2500.
my bad! i thought they had an aconda 36" but went to see their site and they don't!

Vitros is still the mos beautifull one! Aparently, the end of the year will bring new models HDTV who won't need the vga module!
High Definition Television it's what it stands for. in regards of what it does, really don't know but was told it would bring pal progressive (as well NTSC) without needig a vga module extra.

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