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Any legal eagles here.


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The daughter and her boyfriend bought a house 5 years ago.Through a morgage advisory service.Since then they are trying to sell the house as they are breaking up.The problem is the garden had a subsidence problem and had to be underpinned.They now have been told that the house is not covered for subsidence because the morgage advisory service did not inform the insurance company that there had been problems and the policy is useless.They will probably get insurance but at a greater price due to the history of the house.Where do they stand with the morgage advisory service.And there morgage lender.


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Hi Sapper,

I'm no expert on anything to do with this aspect of law, but from what you say...:

1) If the Mortgage Advisory Service didn't inform your daughter and her boyfriend, then THEY are liable for non-disclosure of important information.

2) It is then for the Mortgage Advisory Service people to haggle something out between them, and the Insurance Company! Your daughter and her boyfriend should not need to get involved in this, except to keep hassling the Advisory people, to get a move on with things.

3) Technically, all of this comes under Civil Law. Your daughter and her boyfriend could take the Mortgage Advisory Service to court, via the Small Claims Court, because the M.A.S. with held crucial information. The best bet would be to ask for a complete refund on the Mortgage, plus costs equivalent to whatever the cost of the new Mortgage will end-up costing them, AND for about another 10-20% on top of this, for hassle and stress caused.

I'd seriously advice your daughter and the boyfriend to arrange to go see someone at the local Citizens Advice Bureau, immediately, and let the CAB liase on your behalf.

I hope that helps you a bit. :) Good Luck, and let us know how things go!


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