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any last advice before I buy new speakers?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by cameronl, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. cameronl

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    Aug 13, 2002
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    hi there all, today I'm buying new front left and right speakers to replace my Kef 2005.1. I love my Kefs but I've outgrown them; the front 3 anyway.

    My plan is to get new left and right bookshelfs today and a matching center in a couple more weeks (which may either be the center or another one like the front left and rights if the WAF is low). In a year or 2 I'll get the floor standers to match (to complete a 7.1 system).

    My system is

    Arcam A75+ (for stereo - I love the sound on this amp)
    Yam 630 (for av - will upgrade at a latter date)
    6 Kef 2005.1 (I love the detail but miss the weight that bigger speakers have)
    Velodyne CHT-10 sub

    Speakers will be used for %70 music & %30 movies (through my Sim2)

    budget is 350 - though I can stretch to 450 ;)

    I was set to buy the older Tannoy Eyris series starting with the cute bookshelfs as these speakers are so cheap at the moment (£300 or under), the WAF is high, the sound was pretty good and they are small but then I heard the more expensive Quad L12 at the same shop - to my ears it sounded better....

    The problem is though, that the listening conditions were far from ideal as it was a Tottenham Court Road shop which was playing through low end NAD gear in an area with a lot of people moving around it....

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



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