Any large screen genuine bargains over BH?


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Maybe looking for new large screen TV, currently have a Samsung 40" and it's been fine but lacking a few bits now.

So I'd probably want over 50", smart TV with catchup, Netflix etc on, DLNA if poss, USB, probably all have this now presume!

Not into anything too fancy, not into calibration etc, a family TV used for V+ HD, PS3 really.

So is there any genuine bargains over the bank holiday weekend? Seen some Samsung 50" for around £800, a Sony 50" for around same to. Probably best to get at John Lewis for 5 year warranty, although currys have some with 5 year warranty at moment.

Thanks for any help,


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Been some decent prices on outgoing 2013 models now the new ones are coming

Post some model numbers of interest and folks will comment. Buy with 5 year warranty as you say

Samsung have the best Smart stuff, Sony have less gaming lag often.


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thanks, well to be honest just started to look, and so model numbers unsure, I now know the "F" is last year and "H" is current.

I say for gaming, I'm not an expert, just casual, so not to bothered on it being a "specific" for gaming at all. The smart TV stuff I just think is a must for now, as will be nice to have it easily accessible, rather than for example powering up PS3 just to watch Netflix, and catchup TV be easier to access (are these via arial or broadband?), as I don't use an arial as just use V+ for everything.

I have seen for example Samsung F6400 and the H6400 55" sets, the F is around £900 and H is £1500, whats difference? Whats the difference between the range models also, discounting the obvious physical size, e.g. F6800, F6700, F6400, and F6300

Also there was a Sony in Currys 50" for around £900, unsure of model number though.


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If you want the most up to date smart options, get the newest model. The manufacturers don't always make updates available, let alone new features

Probably the difference is that now the 2013 models are 30% or more below the initial rrp while the 2014 models are at rrp...

Catch up tv is through the internet broadband, either wired or wireless, I don't think freeview comes with catch up. Or you can subscribe to sky or virgin

I think I outlined the differences between the different samsungs in your other post, you just need to compare on the samsung or retailer sites, although the latter can get things wrong...or you could call samsung customer services and ask

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