Any issues using HD-E1 at EDTV rez via component?


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I would like to know if the HD-E1 can output HDCP HD-DVD's at 576p @50hz via component.

Need to use this as a stop gap until I get a Full Hi Def display with digital inputs.

My understanding is that even a HDCP coded Hi Def DVD is allowed to pass out 576p via component, is that right?

I am sure a HD-DVD scaled down to 576p would still look a fair bit better than a SD disc.


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just edited my thread to make it clearer.

anyone already doing the same thing with the HD-E1 until they get a new display?

it's just I need a new DVD player so thought I might aswell get the Toshiba.


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So you'll need an NTSC capable display. Tried mine like this, it's not bad, better than an R1 DVD from my SD DVD player, but the spark has gone from the experience. R2 DVD at 576 on component is fine, no issues.


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You can set the component out to various resolutions.


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