any issues using a PC with LE40R74BDX?


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Still looking for a replacement for my Hannspree XV37 and saw this Sammy, within my budget.

The primary use for my TV is a PC monitor through VGA or HDMI, can anyone confirm is this set has problems with tearing or juddering in games and movies?

If so (and please be honest if it has) is there anything around £700 (at least 37") that dosen't have problems but does have 1:1 mapping.


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Sorry to bust in on your post but what is 1:1 pixel mapping?

I've got LE32R74BDX and thats works fantatic as a PC monitor.


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:eek: What?! lol.
I've not changed any settings and it works ok:smashin:

He asks, because the current screen he has, it does have such problems, and he is probably going to return it for a full refund, and get another screen...possibly the Saumsung.

He needs to be 1000% sure that it will not have any problems with tearing, slowdown or anything...

He needs 1:1 pixel mapping, as it will also be used as a pc monitor.

(sorry for rambling on, but he hasnt had much luck so far, and we want to make sure he gets a sweet hdtv with no problems):D :thumbsup:


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I don't want to be responsible if it doesn't work lol

My games look amazing the TV is ok, but thats due to the signal, and as a PC monitor its very crisp!

With all the panel issues with the Samsung though its a lottery as to whether you get a good panel or a so so panel. Mines the so so one, so it could only be better I suppose.:)


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So is the verdict this model is good for 1:1 pixel mapping as I also want to use it as a PC monitor.

and the general picture is ok yea ?

Whats it like for SD quality ?

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