Any interest in Borderlands multipack?

Miss Chief

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I know that actual threads offering it up for sale aren't allowed outside the classifieds but as I know lots of you already I've wanted to get borderlands for ages but would prefer to play with some people that I know and ideally will be happy to use Teamspeak while playing.

it's on the winter sale on Steam atm for £4.99 (make sure you pick the GOTY version! Contains all DLC) but the 4 pack is only £14.98. Is there any interest?

One thing though, i don't finish work until 9pm so probably won't be playing until 10pm so no early nighters if possible! If you're interested (or already have the game and are happy to play through again, let me know)


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Just to add this is a fantastic game,ive hammered it on the xbox and pc....:D


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A great game and I played this a lot on the PS3, and at 499 pennies its worth every one.
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