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Any Interest in 2 x M&K Subs...?


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This is a dreadful story so sit down and handkerchiefs at the ready......Are you sitting comfortably....then I'll begin.....
I have an M&K MX250 sub which I bought new from Allan at IdealAV in 2011. It is absolutely mint and indistinguishable from new. And I've broken it. Well I've broken the circuitry on the amp/power supply plate and despite Allan's best efforts, it can't be mended. Not only that, despite the thing being less than 6 years old and the drivers perfectly OK, M&K do not stock replacement parts. So there's nothing I can do and I'm gutted.
However luckily for me, just as this happened, I noticed that Jay130984 was advertising 2 x M&K 350 subs on this very forum. He was good enough to invite me across to hear them and to cut a long story short, I bought them. Jay very kindly spent a fair bit of time setting them up for me in my cinema room and so I now had the sub-woofer set up I always wanted - 2 working together. It was fantastic.....until the next day, one of them suddenly stopped working. Guess what...? The amp/power supply plate is fried....and well, you know the rest.....I've tried to get this one repaired by my local Hi Fi Specialist and of course they hit the same brick wall as with the 250.
The problem was apparently an off-board DAC which I had wired into the wrong input of my processor. So here I am - stuck with 2 mint condition subs, both of which have perfect drivers in them and I can't get them repaired. Thank goodness my insurance has played ball and paid out when I produced the report from my helpful Hi Fi Dealer (though nothing approaching the value of replacements) so......I'm hoping these units of interest to anyone who is intending to build their own. The 250 and 350 enclosures are the same size and same finish and both look in perfect condition. I have repeated this thread and added a few more photos on the appropriate classified speaker forum here which I believe should comply with rules......


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I thought it was a legal requirement to offer support and spares for about 7 years after discontinuation. To me, this just smacks of, "sorry, we can't repair it, but I can offer you the new ones". I'd be more than a little miffed if I'd bought a flagship product (new or used) only to find no support so shortly after the model had finished. Caveat emptor.

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