Any information on next Sony HD DAP?

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by snownrock, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or knowledge about the next Sony HD DAP, to replace the NW's. I know theyve only been out since december but Sony have a fast model turnover. I had a Hd5 which was stolen at xmas (cant have anything nice, but thats another problem), i got the insurance money to buy another player but i think the NW's are terrible. They look ugly, are large, terrible screen, poor materials. Not a scratch on the HD%, a beautiful formed piece of kit. I didnt want an NW for the above reasons so i have been waiting since then, i didnt want an I-Pod because apart from not wanting to be a sheep i dont like the lack of battery life compared to the Sony. Then i was very tempted by the new creative with its even better than I-Pod screen, i love the video playback features on these players. Hope the next Sony will, but neither have the exceptional battery life of the Sony.

    So i was just wondering if there was any info on the new Sony, im sick of using my old Zen. So nearly bought a HD5 again the other day but want to wait for the next Sony, which will hopefully go back to the cast metal form of the HD5, DAP porn in my opinion.

    SO any help and info would be greatly appreciated.

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