Any info on new Sony 32" LCD's



Does anyone have any information on the forthcoming 32" LCD's from Sony? I've just peeped at a dealer brochure and say that there were two models.

One looked like the KLV30 MR1, but touted as a 32" panel with Freeview. Still with external media box etc. Availability March. I think it was designated KDL-L32MRX1.

The other looked a direct replacement to their 32" xxx-TS2 plasma. Built in tuner, no mention of freeview. Availability June. Designated KLV-L32M1.

Im after some specs on these, are they really 32" screens rather than 30" as previously sold in the MR1. What connections - interests are progressive component (which is why I have had my eye on the KLV30 MR1 for a while) and HDMI for future use.

The previous Sony MR1 is well over a year old now. How much will picture quality have improved since then?

You may want to consider the forthcoming Philips LCD, 32pf9996, coming out around April.
It has a contrast ratio of 800:1, 12mS response, HDMI connection, new Pixel Plus 2 software, true 16:9 screen. 1366 X 768, flat speakers, and an interesting "Ambilight" feature.
This could be the new benchmark, but we will wait for the tests, I guess !
It's at:
Never been a Firips man myself, but that could just change my mind. Hopefully they will not cut the spec down for the UK market.


I've found the Sony press release for the KDL-L32MRX1 (KDL is digital tuner, KLV is analogue). One vaguely interesting thing to note is the

new Mobile Movie* application of Memory Stick, allowing up to 2 hours of continuous recording of favourite TV shows onto 128MB Memory Stick media directly through the television. Stored content can then be played back on selected CLIÉ handhelds** for ultimate ‘go-anywhere’ convenience.

Nothing yet on the KLV-L32M1

Just viewed the new Sony KDL-L32MRX1 LCD in my local Sony Center - seems to be much improved over the old MR1. Much better picture (or was it the DVD signal being fed to it?), the tuner box is slimmer but nothing to compare with to see if the screen is 2" larger. No info on the specs, even on the Sony website. And the price - at £4600 its criminal. Hopefully it will progress to half this over time.

Likewise, was very impressed with the picture quality and the design but the Cost!! Sony isn't going to stop loosing bucketloads in the TV market if they carry on pricing themselves out of it.

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