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Me and the missus are thinking about moving house. We really like the property but, and as sad as it sounds, one of my main concerns is the lounge and how it will house all my AV equipment :eek:

Due to the fact that there is a conservatory off the room there is one less wall for units. After we have put our 3 seater on one wall and 2 seater on the other there is no more walls left :suicide:

I have a 42" plasma. As you can see from the photo below there is an old fashioned brick fireplace going across the width of the room which I hate! My initial impression was to knock it all away, including the chimney breast, and house the plasma on the wall with units below to hold all the AV stuff but I was told in the pub last night that this is an expensive and messy job?

I then thought about leaving it all there and putting a false wall over it all, hanging the plasma in the centre over a floating fire and creating recessed shelves on either side of the chimney breast. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it would make the room feel too small? The dimensions are 5.13m x 3.66m?

Any info on this appreciated lads, the whole idea is above me really and I dont want to put an offer in until I have some sort of plan.

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How about puting up the plasma where the large mirror is now. Keep the sofa configuration as it is but mount the plasma on a bracket that allows you to move the screen?

I have used a large bracket which allows me to expend the screen out by about 15-15" and turn the screen about 45 degrees left or right.

That's just one idea. I like your thinking about all the work to create the floating look. But search through this 'Home Cinema' section and the 'Members gallery' and you'll find dozens of ideas.


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Knocking the chimney breast away would be very expensive, not really worth it.

Personally I would go down the route of removing the fireplace and nasty brick surrounding.

Then build the alcoves out for equipment storage etc, and mount the screen on the chimney breast.

If you want to retain a fire, you could fit a modern in wall gas fireplace. (the one thats there looks gas)


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Cheers for the info lads :)

I think, if I get the house, to go down the route of squaring it all off and making some shelves etc. Who would be the best person for the job? Builder? Joiner? Due to the fact I'm located in the middle of nowhere, I cant see any local guys having carried out stuff like this before.

Any rough idea on cost?


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