Any ideas on my problem?


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Hi I have a 14 month old elite and recently it had started playing up.

When playing Left 4 Dead or Halo 3 sometimes my screen will just go black and I can tell it has crashed as I lose my Dolby Digital signal on my amp. I have to switch the console off for it to work again.

The other problem is the picture will break up like it has corrupted. I think it is the graphics card.

As I have not had 3 red lights is it worth contacting microsoft? Will they fix it?



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The solder balls to the gpu are breaking up, so you are losing video. it will probably go one of two ways. No video whatsoever, or an E74 error (1 red light).

Your best bet is sign it in online, put intermittent 3 red lights, and hope for the best.

A lot of people on here have got theirs fixed that way.

Good luck.


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I have contacted them via online as you suggested. If they try to charge me I will tell them to keep it and will sell all my accessories and games.

This is my third 360 and I have been a loyal customer since Xbox days. 3 consoles to die on me is just ridiculous, I have only put up with them due to Halo but enough is enough.

My latest casualty is an Elite - you would have thought these would have better parts then the standard ones.

I own a PS3 (launch model) and that is fine.

I cant believe they can get away with charging people to fix the console when it has just passed the 12 month warranty.

I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks for the info.


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The Elite is exactly the same internally mate. You just pay for the black casing and hard drive.

They are all prone to failure. :(


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Keeping the console vertical also helps,

Jesus man, it gets worse....As you have rightly said, (the first thing i should add) heat rises, so all the latent heat after shutdown will go straight up through the console, toasting the solder internals.

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