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Any ideas on how I do this


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I'm putting pc's in my two childrens bedrooms. But I also want them to be able to access their pcs from the kitchen.

Bedroom setup will be normal dvi to monitor wireless keyboard and mouse to usb

What I'm thinking is running a second dvi from the back of the pc plus a usb connection to a switch system in the kitchen, the usb and dvi from each room go into the input options on the switch and the output from the switch goes to a monitor (dvi) and a usb hub with another wireless keyboard and mouse

If I tell the pc to treat the two monitors as mirrors then you should get each childs desktop at the flick of a switch.

DVI splitters are available although I'm not sure about the usb bit, but I can handle a soldering iron so I could probably do that.

But the big question is would this work or does anyone know a better solution?

And if the answer is yes can I then really complicate the system by having an equivalent setup in the office, so they could access their pc from their bedroom, the kitchen or the office.

Obviously with a system as complex as that there is the option for some fool child to try and run his/her pc from all three locations, but I'll just ban the computer for a week if they try that so we don't need to paln for that scenario

Any ideas?


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Not sure if I have fully understood your objectives here, but if you simply want access to multiple PC, the simple solution is:
Use Logmein (installed and configure) or user Remote Desktop.
Both of these will allow you access to any PC on your network without cables and switches.


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no that's not it really.

One child might be doing homework on his machine in his bedroom whilst the other might want to do homework in the kitchen but still access his machine to do the homework on.

I think I might have found a product which can do this an "Aten KVM" which allows you to switch between multiple computers from a central point.

But I'm waiting on answers to some questions I've sent them.

I will be using remote desktop to manage the pc's rather than fighting through their bedrooms.

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