Any idea what’s wrong with this Vaio F series laptop display pls?


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Hi , this is my old Sony Vaio laptop purchased in 2010, F series , F11 actually.

I use it infrequently now. But I turned it on today and there were 2 vertical green lines against a black background on startup. Now all whites are looking pink/red and there is patchy flickering of the display.
I have tried restarting a few times , did a Windows 10 security update. Still the same.

I was wondering if anyone in the know might have an idea of the likely issue and/or how to remedy it ?

2 images should be uploaded to illustrate this problem hopefully. The program being run in MS Word and should be a white page but it’s pink/red.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks


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or it could be the wiring connections between the motherboard. These will be flexible connections and over time, with all the flexing opening and closing the screen, can lead to some of the connections breaking.


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A couple of years ago , a similar thing happened but it seemed to correct itself on restarting.

about 7 yrs ago , I replaced the keyboard with a US OEM backlit one by following instructions on a forum. it’s has worked fine almost all the time.

i also replaced the hard drive with a SSD by following instructions on the same forum soon after I replaced the keyboard.

I am a bit tempted to try to open it up and see if there is a dodgey ribbon cable or loose connection.

but I am not very experienced in opening up Laptops, that was a long time ago.


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That looks like corrupt video memory.

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When I saw the pics my first thought was that the dedicated graphics card had failed, but did the laptop have dedicated graphics? On checking it seems like every F11 model did indeed have an Nvidia GeForce dedicated graphics card, so I reckon that's what it might be.

You should be able to check this easily enough if the laptop has switchable graphics. You could then configure the switchable graphics to use the Intel integrated graphics (that came with the CPU) instead of the Nvidia card. Try it.


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Have you tried to connect it to an external monitor ? If I remember rightly that one had VGA and HDMI connectors.

If it displays OK on external monitor then you can rule out the graphics card leaving you with the screen itself or the connecting cable. Only problem there is that Sony used to supply the screen/lid as an all in 1 item.


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Thanks for the further replies. Much appreciated.

I will connect to an external monitor and report back.
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