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Hi there,

I am in the process of moving house and in doing so would like to update my home entertainment system. I currently own a 36" Sony 100hz CRT, a 4 year old Sony Davs-880 all in one dvd/speaker system and Sky +. I have around £2500 to spend on the lot which I know is not that much considering my requirements, and I was wondering what peoples opinions were on what to spend on what. The only stipulation I have is that the Plasma/LCD should have speakers as my Wife watches quite a lot of TV and does not like listening on it through the surround sound speakers. Also a lot of the Lcd's and Plasmas have built in freeview which I do not need due to having a Sky + box. In our new living room we will probably be sitting about 6-8 feet from the screen, and would prefer it to be wall mounted.

The only thing I have decided that I would like is the Denon 1920 dvd but I don't know if it would fit in with the rest of my budget.

I know I'm asking a lot but as I said any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You have read this very detailed FAQ, haven't you...

If you want HD-ready, the Hitachi 42PD7200 can be got for not too much money - around £1500 delivered (from Empire Direct), leaving you a grand to spend on the DVD, amp and surround speakers. If you could live without HD readiness for now, then a panel-only solution such as the Panasonic 42PWD8 would be the best PQ option. IMO, this split of £1500 or so for the screen and a grand on DVD/sound seems sensible.


Hi there,

As I said previously my Wife wants speakers so I have no other option than to buy seperate speakers if I went for the PW8. I have priced it so far as £1158 for TV including delivery, HDMI output £99, £229 for speakers and £119 for bracket making a grand total of £1605. The Hitachi PD7200 is around the same price with everything on board. Also I may need more connections for the PW8 but as I am a complete novice I have no idea.

Again, any help would be appreciated.


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If its gotta have onboard speakers for the wife then a panel although very good isnt the way to go.

My partner was the same wanted something she could just turn on and required no other setting up switching etc ie like the old panny 36"CRT we used to have.

Oh and like you it had to be wall mounted Part of the reason for getting the plasma was to create more "space"

So in my opinion you have narrowed it down to

Hitachi PD7200
Pioneer 436

I assume it was HD ready u were after

You wont go far wrong with anyone of them, these are just my opinions make sure you get a demo to see which suits your needs best



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How much setting up to do you have to do for panels when turning on the tele for watchng something?


Naff all, mate. With sky, you'd leave the sky box on. Just turn the panel on and there you are, if connected right. Lots of ways of doing that.


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Hi again,

Not sure what a 360 is?

the 37 v5oo wouldn't do as I feel I would be wasting money on freeview when I don't really need it.


Is it really that simple with Sky+ in to the panel? I want the best possible picture so I don't mind paying for the speakers as it is working out around the same price as the Hitachi anyway. By the way that is me assuming the PW8 picture is better than the Hitachi 7200, but I have read a lot of the knowledgeable members on here recommending the PW8 alot.


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xbox 360, if your getting a hi-def tv might as well get a hi def gaming rig to play on it :)

Im not the best to ask about tv choices as I havent been a member on here long, I just suggested the pv500 as it seems to have a very good reputation on here and has got good reviews, and in all honesty I cant see that the in built freeview is adding much to the cost of the tv so you may aswell just pretend its not there and just consider rest of tv spec :)

Oh some of the new spec panasonics are listed here: if any of them float your boat, ive heard they are meant to be out mid/late may, they are the px60's

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