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Any HDMI Upscaling DiVX Player with USB


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Do Upscaling DVD Players with HDMI and Divx support exist with a USB port so AVI's can be played directly off a memory stick?


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Do Upscaling DVD Players with HDMI and Divx support exist with a USB port so AVI's can be played directly off a memory stick?

As of late quite a few. A popular favourite being the Philips DVP-5960.
You could also look up the Philips DVP-5980, Pioneer DV-400 or DV-600 not to mention the 360 & PS3 which also do this. :smashin:
Google it, I'm sure you'll find many more options.


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If you plan on playing a lot of divx check out the divx test CD results to see which one has the best compatability for divx files. Its here:-

Interesting test, however, it should be used with caution as it includes high rez tests (mkv, 720p 1080i etc), so one really need to go into each player in detail and look at what the player have failed on. Like the Philips 5960, of course it fails the 720p tests as it's not a high rez unit, thus getting low score.

Interesting nevertheless... :D



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If you're looking to play DivX/Xvid alot I'd have a read up of what Chipset is in the player that you're going to buy too as there are various issues with each and some provide better playback than others.

Mediatek was once of the best a year or two ago when I was looking for one to buy which led me to the Pioneer range of DVD players (the 585 I ended up with) but that still has some slight issues with packed bitstream files (they play with ever such a slight stutter)

Recently I purchased a Samsung player which has a later chipset than the Mediateks and works very well, I forget the name of that now though.

From experience the Denon players DivX playback isn't very good putting a black box around most material you playback.

I've not experienced the newer Philips players.

EDIT: I believe the Samsung chipset was the Zoran Vaddis 7 if that's any help, not looked into it in the past month or two to see if that too has been superseded. :)


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I just got the sumovision player and i have tryed many avi's on it and all play great im also playing them via my external enclosure with a 80gb ide drive which i formatted to FAT32. I was a little concerned when buying it cos wasnt sure if it would play all the scene releases or not but so far only had one not work and thats because it was hd :oops: lol also tryed playing from a 1gb sd card and that also worked although was a little bit jumpy in places but was perfectly watchable! I am only running this thru scart as only have a 32" crt but the picture quality is great for a crt :D

so personally i would reccomend this player :smashin:


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Do any of the Samsungs have USBs ? I cannot find any.

Also, where is the best place to buy the Oppo 980s ? Found a few sites but no one has them.

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