Any HD1 owners using *UK* PS3?


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I'm fed up with waiting for Meridian to announce anything about my G91 DVD player and any possible upgrade to HD-DVD and it's killing me knowing i've got a projector capable of so much more.

So, a PS3 seems the order of the day as an interim (plus I'll have an HD spinner of each format (if Meridian get their finger out)). Oh, and a games console.

But, reading through the other areas of the forums, I'm hearing a lot about 3:2 judder that people are experiencing on BR movies. I suspect that this is to do with their display not handling the 24fps 3:2 pulldown very well, but I thought I'd poll your experiences of a PS3 and a JVC HD1.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about the UK PS3 model, but also about US experiences (as my main interest is movies, not games, and the catalog is so much more in the US).



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I have a US PS3 and it gives me a really nice picture (sound).

I wouldnt say that "judder" is more apparent than on my Toshiba HD-XE1.

(PS3 outputting 1080i)

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