any guidelines please



having got most things up and running now, I am experimenting with Divx, ie downloading from outerspace, then converting to Mpeg2 so I can burn them to a DVD.

can any body tell me if there is a formulae to workout how many Gigs of Mpeg2 I will end up with using diferent vbr's or cbr's during coversion ( I use TPMG so I can chage many of the parameters).

T be specific I recently converted 679Mb of Divx to Avi this gave me 22.9Gb

This I then converted that Avi to Mpeg2 using TMPG with a resolution of 720*576, Cbr of 6000 and 48khz 128 kps sound unfortunately after 3 hours of conversion I ended up with a file of 4.6Gb which obviously wont go on a 4.7 DVD

Is there a rough rule fo thumb I can use before i push the "Oh NO !" button



You want to play them on a DVD player I assume? You've just discovered how compressed divx is, I've never converted one for that reason, but then I only play them on a PC. It's an iffy subject, what with some folks bypassing copyright law, it's a job to get anyone to go out of their way to be helpful over it, on the movie supply side that is. They've probably beaten you to it with the converted file size, made it difficult on purpose. Or perhaps I'm just a conspiracy theorist

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