Any got any experience with Dali in-walls? H80/E80


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Hi all

Need to make some decisions soon on my surround and atmos speakers for my dedicated room. I've got JBL 3677s across the front with a dual driver PSA sub...but I'm wondering what surrounds to install.

Firstly, the room is small - 2.4m x 4.5m, and there is a timber frame being installed around the perimeter, with a fabric track system to cover the surrounds and acoustic mineral wool treatments.

Depth of speaker is key for the surround with a max 150mm depth to work with. I was looking at a couple of options, the Dali H80 for the surrounds, and the E80 in-ceilings for atmos, and I wondered if anyone had any experience of these?

The other option I was considering was the Arendal 1961 bookshelf speakers and Arendal atmos 1961s for on-ceiling atmos. The depth of cabinet is perfect, and it would also mean no hassle with making a plasterboard face that the H80s will need to be recessed into.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

I'll be quite close to the surrounds, crossing over around 80-100hz, but I'll generally be playing movies @ around -10db to -5db.

And I don't really want to spend much above £2k!



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I know the Arendal 1961 Triaxial Surrounds are a bit deeper (18.5cms) but would they be a better option given the seating distance from them?


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Hey Jase, well this is a whole other debate! In terms of whether I should use monopoles or tripoles…


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Hey Jase, well this is a whole other debate! In terms of whether I should use monopoles or tripoles…

I'm pretty close to my side surrounds and Tripoles give me a much better spread of sound than monopoles. I have monopoles as surround backs though as they're about 2m away.

Tripoles also work extremely well as Atmos speakers, especially in a Top Middle configuration (but placed up high on the side walls and angled down).

Something to ponder anyway! :)


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I’ve just installed some e80s in my ceiling to compliment my opticons. The sound is really clear, they are quite expensive compared to the e60s but as I couldn’t fit a pair behind the seating position I paid to have one larger pair. I also used the hoody 2s to both maintain the fire regs but also to stop sound radiating into the rooms above. So absolutely would recommend

cheers Jamie

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