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I've just been looking on ebay and I noticed that Owl Video are selling off a new Seleco SDG700 L6 for £2350.
I'm a former owner of a Seleco CRT, however I must confess I don't have much knowledge about this particular model.
I've managed to find some specs for the 700 and it appears on paper that its similar to the SVD800.
I just have a feeling that unlike the SVD800, which was built for no other reason than home cinema, the 700 would probably be more at home in a board room.
So is it a bargain or one to stay clear of?



I recently bought a Pj from ebay and it turned out to be a piece of junk only worth canibalising... If you don't know much about projectors like I did, before parting with any money get him to show you the tube faces to see how much burn they have as you could end up like I did.... particularly the blue tube....

I do know someone who did get a bargin on ebay but the majority are not worth the money.... are extremely helpful and can give you advice on what to look for and which pj's not to buy....

They have helped me a great deal Thanks Henry and James from CRTprojectors by the way!!!

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We believe these units represent an absolute bargain. These CRT projectors are brand new, unused units. Many of the components are shared with the SVD800.

The tubes are fully colour corrected ideal for Home Theatre, partner it with a good scaler and you have a projection system which will give you many years of service. And they come with a G'tee!!

You can't Lose.


Alan Roser
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Owl Video Systems Ltd


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On paper the 700 looks impressive enough. It has a horizontal scan frequencey up to 72khz and 70mhz of band width.
The projector is XVGA compatable and has a max resolution of
It sounds like good value on the face of it, considering that the HD6 glass lenses are over £2000 to buy new.

Hook it up to a scaler & it would be a cost effective way of getting into CRT.

As David Dickinnson would say "As cheap as chips!"



Originally posted by AVMADMAN

I do know someone who did get a bargin on ebay but the majority are not worth the money....

t'was probably me, hehe, I got a Barco Data 600, very good nic, under 1000 hours use, no tube wear at all :D

£175 - me was chuffed :D :D :D
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