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Sep 20, 2000
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I'm currently running all freq's through my Mission 783's which was working fine until I got my new Pioneer AX10. Know some of the "lower/deeper" bass has gone, so I'm looking into getting a "cheap" sub (no more that £300), until I can raise the cash for something like the REL storm III. After spending about a week surfing around verious retailers the best deal I can find is the "Wharfedale PowerCube 12" for £210. Firstly I would like to know if this sub is any good and also it would be great if anyone could give me any other recommendations in my price range.


Why not get one of the Velodyne CHT10´s that are going in the Power Buys Forum?? Slightly over your budget at 325 quid but well worth considering.:)
Cheers Jase,
I'll have a look at the powerbuys section now.

BTW, has anyone actually heard/got one of the Wharfedale powercube 12's. It's just I'm interested in hearing how they sound due to the fact your getting a hell of a lot for your 210 odd quid (12" driver, 150w Amp, Ability to got down to a very respectable 25Hz).

How spooky?! I was just about to make a post asking the same thing. Unbeatable have this sub for £180 delivered. I have been told that it will take about 10-14 days for delivery.

Can anyone recommend this sub?

What about the KEF PSW1000?

EDIT: This month's 'What Hi Fi' have reviewed the PwerCube 10A. It got three stars...

For: The PowerCube offers a lot of box, and a lot of bang, for the money.

Against: Lacks the subtlety of pricier models; marred by input hum.

Verdict: Crunching movie action for not much money, but the input hum's a worry.
Cheers monkeyWRENCH,
At that price it is starting to become irresistable. The only problem I have is the humming problem WhatHiFi had. Does anyone think this problem will carry over to the 12A or is it just a setup problem. Also is anyone aware of a retailer that sells the PowerCube DX12 (same as 12A except for it comes in different finishes and has a couple more inputs).

As for the KEF PSW1000, well I'm not a speaker/sub expert but I have heard this sub before in a demo and it sounded good but lacked what I would describe as authority. I think the PC 12A would sound a lot more stronger and deeper but the KEF would maybe sound more controlled.

Originally posted by Oasis-GasPanic
"Any good"
Er, in short, a resounding no.
For a good little starter sub, look no further than Dom's newly purchased MJ 50.

Hi uncle eric,
Just read Dom's review and I must say it does sound like a great little sub, but, considering the pro50 only has a 8" driver and 50w amp (of which I know are both meant to be of a very high quality) do you not think my system will be to powerful for it.


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