Any good small, cheap speakers for a TV

Jon Weaver

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I am about to install my new plamsa TV. However, even though I have a 'home cinema' setup, there are times when I just want to watch TV using in internal amp. However, the Plasma doesn't come with speakers and the official ones cost over £300!

I dug out a pair of old (but unused) Sony rear surround speakers which will do the job, but they small plasticy things with one 3" driver.. But I started to wonder if there is anything better out there, which will give me a better sound.

They need to be less than 230mm high (to fit in my cabinet), but only need to be 8w max.

Richersounds have a load of really cheap speakers. Ariston spring to mind.. Whilst I don't expect much out of them, just looking at them shows that there is more to them than my 'Sony's.

Does anyone have any recommendations about small, low powered speakers?


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dont know if its what you had in mind but I have the 4 surround speakers that came with my Tosh 36" TV. Still boxed only used for about a week.

For a nominal amount you're welcome to them.


Jon Weaver

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I am in the same position. I have some rear surround speakers which came with my various TVs.. They will work, they they lack and finess.

I tried them out last night, on a small hifi.. They were very tinny, but hardly surprising considering what they are.

What I want is some small, hifi speakers which will do a better job of giving an average sound.

I have seen some Gale Satellite 10 speakers in Richer Sounds for £50.. They are certainly up to the job (although, I havn't checked if the impedence is right). However, they might be a little too good for an 8W amp.

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