Any good deals in the UK 3d Active 46" ?


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Looking for a good deal on a 3d 46" active not passive, unless passive is as good as active though i was told active is much better as it displays 1080p in both eyes...

also the tv must come with 2 sets of glasses and 3 or more years warranty.


Budget £1100 max budget.

Jason Shouler

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I'd strongly recommend you study many of the "Active vs Passive" threads within this Forum before you commit yourself to a decision you may well regret!

Take particular note of what passive TV owners say about the 3D.
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I can't believe the amount of people who listen to 'what they are told' and then buy based on that. Why don't you actually go and demo for yourself and decide what is better rather than listening to hearsay from someone who probably doesn't know what they are talking about??


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I'll second the above.. both sets have pros and cons, passive is far better for me and my needs but its about what is right for you.

After your demo I'd be interested to hear if you still think that active has a "much better" resolution. ;)

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