Any good 24" TVs?


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Are there any good 24" 1080p TVs that would ideally have a game mode?

I need a TV for abroad, in the country I'm going they're stupidly expensive.

Any recommendations?


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I was thinking about that, but do computer monitors have an aerial port?

My mum watches cable TV so would need an aerial port.


Well no, but you will likely need an external tuner box anyway. Sometimes between countries tuners are different.

Certainly there's no tv in the UK that supports cable tv out of the box here but that's just because virgin who supply cable here don't let you use the tv's tuner. Perhaps it's different there?

What country are you moving to? Have you considered just using a cable box where you go instead of trying to find a compatible tv?


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The cable over there just fits into the aerial port of the TV and you get all the channels. I think the aerial ports in Pakistan are a little different so I need to find a converter or something, not sure what they're called but worked with the previous TV we had over there.

I'm currently looking at a used Samsung 22" K5000 for £40. Just bought a 49" KS7000 so a little low on money.

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