Any Game Recommendations In The 3 for £10 Or 3 For £20 Offers.


Apr 21, 2001
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The best thief you'll never see.
There are so many games in the 3 for £10 and 3 for £20 I was wondering what games people thought were good ones.

Home World caught my eye (ouch) it was suppose to be good, is it?
What spec PC have you got?

Why not save your money and buy one of the decent games soon to be released....

Unreal 2
UT 2003
Battlefield 1942

Or for true gaming nostalgia, have a look at the emu scene.

I assume you are online.

In answer to your question, Homeworld was very good, and still looks ok. I played it quite a bit, however it does suffer from control difficulties and is quite slow. Tthere are much better RTS purchases such as Warcraft 3 or Starcraft for true Sci Fi RTS Nirvana, which are far better balanced.

I must admit I rarely look at budget releases as I have a stack piled high of PC games and nearly played most of the decent ones.
Hi Sinzer

There may be some good new games out there but some of the old ones can be very good. I have a pretty up-to-date CPU and Graphic card. It is all very nice to play games where you can see your reflection on a polished marble floor. But now and again I like to go back and play some within the last 3 years, even longer. I even like to have a game of Civilization II now and then. Also Thief (The Dark Project) and Thief II (The Metal Age) reside permanently on my hard drive (In my personal opinion two of the best games ever so far). And if you've read an other of my post. I have a mate who has a Ge-Force 4 and an AMD2000XP who spent nearly all last Christmas playing Heroes III Of Might And Magic. All of which are 3 for £10
Originally posted by Garrett
who spent nearly all last Christmas playing Heroes III Of Might

I can recommend this game - I've played it more than Halo, Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Leader, etc. The graphics are pretty poor, the sound is nothing special.... but the gameplay is great.
Thank for that Squiffy I’m glad some one else enjoys one of my 3 recommendations:)
It was me who recommended it to him. I was playing it only 2 weeks ago, its one of them games you just have to see what happened next and you end up in the wee small hours of the morning.:eek:
I know you are a thief addict :p

I take it you have played Deus Ex, that was in the sale I believe.

Some of the old PC games are classics, however I tend to play most games (or demos of them) as they are released, hence why I stay away from the budget games. The benefits of having lots of friends with PCs.

As far as old skool PC games go, I would recommend :-

Heroes Might & Magic 2 & 3
Mechcommander 1/2 - not great but a fun RTS
Mechwarrior 2-4 (incl Mercs)
Homeworld & Cataclysm
Warcraft 2
Max Payne
X-Com 1&2
Battlezone 1&2
Deus Ex
X-wing series
Sam and Max
Day of the Tentacle
Populous 2
Civilisation/Alpha Centauri
Undying - Extremely underrated FPS, very scary
Championship Manager
Dungeon Keeper 1&2

The list is endless :) If you have any games you want to hear about I am sure I can give an opinion :) I am far too sad, what a misspent youth!
Originally posted by Sinzer
I know you are a thief addict
Who me, (they based the game on my exploits).:D :p ;)

Yes I played Deus Ex (the polished marble floors) which is in itself is like the Thief games, but with guns, and goes in for a lot of sneaking, sniper rifle with silencer, JC that was me.
I still play Diablo2 and Dungeon Master 2 is a brilliant game.
I'll chime in on Civ II. It's hands-down the game I've played most over the past few years. Although Alpha Centauri has taken most of my time lately.
Garrett - do I understand you right that both Thief and Thief2 are now in the 3 for £10 category?
I'm off down the shops now - I played Thief a while ago (no longer got disc :( ), and have never scared myslef so much before - great game - playing Thief late at night in a quiet house is quite an experience!
Hi Garrett.

I also have Deus EX, but when I first tried it before my pc upgrade it was pants, my pc just coudn't handle it, I will have to dig it out now, XP1800 + 32mb Nvidia card 256 ddr ram, should be OK now, Yes?

Has anyone tried MS Flight sim 2002? I am a flight sim junkie and recently saw this for £30 in Comet. Is it any good?
Hi Timh
Deus Ex ran sweet as a nut on my AMD 1600XP, Ge-Force 3 Ti200 and 512 mem.
I'm not really into my flight sims but my mate is. He bought MS Flight Sim 2k2 but he didn't like it that much... He didn't give it a lot of time though. From what I have heard from other users though is that is has a rather poor graphics engine... Even on a ninja PC it just crawls along... Try before you buy ^_^
Even on a ninja PC it just crawls along... Try before you buy ^_^
Thanks, I will do that. Now where did I put that Deus EX?
Just been shopping around for the Thieves (online of course). Found them plus loads more at play for £4.99 each, but not a 3 for £10. Anyone know an online store doing that offer, otherwise which actual stores are doing it?
Originally posted by RichardH
Just been shopping around for the Thieves (online of course). Found them plus loads more at play for £4.99 each, but not a 3 for £10. Anyone know an online store doing that offer, otherwise which actual stores are doing it?

Check out Electronics Boutique
There high street stores are doing the 3 for £10 3 for £20 offers.
Originally posted by RichardH
Guessed they might be.... mind you, once I've driven there, paid for parking, plus spent 2 hours fiddling around, maybe online is cheaper after all!!

No pleasing some people :rolleyes: ;)
:D Sorry - didn't mean to saound ungrateful! For me, it's certainly not worth a trip specially, but if I was in the area, I'd drop in. Working from home and living in a small village does have it's disadvantages - can't pop out at lunch to do a bit of disc buying!!
Hi Richard

I saw the 3 for offers in Game.
Game have a site but I cannot see the cheap games on there site. Thief 2 is £9.99 there, at the most £4.99 in the shops, even think PC Format has it in there bargain section recommended games at £4.99 MRP.
Games site is

As to your post two above, and the just might have sold out of the games you want when you get there, but could have some in the back of the shop. Or ring before going is a good idea. The number of time that has saved me a journey.
Anyway best of luck Richard.
I was in Game today and they had in the 3 for £20 range Civilization II and Age of Empires Gold which Civ is an excellent turn based strategy game and Empire a real time strategy game.

They also had Civilization, Call to Power 1 and 2 in the range but I haven’t played them so I cannot recommend them at present.
Thought I would add this seeing this is my second 2000 post, nice wall paper. Of a game in the 3 for offer.
Does everybody who has Thief know how to use the lock picks?

Richard H did you get into town?
Hi Richard that was a bit of a rhetorical question, as I know how though use them I was just wondering if any one was stuck how to use them.

Is you sons game any good I was going to do a thread asking if it was any good.

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