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Any FEMALES out there ...

Karen DF

Active Member
.. that are around during the day to play COD3?.. just for a giggle :)

ok female equivalent of "Billy no mates " here add me please (anyone)

Mad Johnny

Active Member
Why does El capitano Ted not suprise me! Or is that Tootsie!


Active Member
I somehow reckon you will all of a suden get loads of friends requests!!! :)


Active Member
It's good to see another female on here, there doesn't seem to be many of us around this forum.

I'm available to be killed most evenings ;) but as for daytimes then I'm around some weekends and most Monday's as that's my day off work.

Feel free to add me, gamertag is Mollcaff140


Distinguished Member
My online buddies are always saying I shoot like a girl :( I'll show them...one day...

I'm not a gal but wouldnt mind having some females on my buddy list, so if you play any of the games I have there on the left add me if you like. I don't have COD3.

Karen DF

Active Member
People dont stand still long enough to let me shoot em lol , havent got those games but add me if you like just incase :) Mollycaff might have them


A bit of slap and the right clothing,
u sure your not over in argentina with tetlee on some sort of witness protection thing dont think u should be giving out your disguise so openly my friend :cool:


Well-known Member
Don't know about the girly thing but i'm good at COD3 if that helps:D


We havent seen "the pictures" yet though kopchoir so he`s save for the mo ;)

they come at a price 2 for 1 him and tetlee in the kitchen in stilettoes with aprons and u dont need a cluedo board to solve that one out whos going to start the bidding :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


well foxy i now know how u got the name after seeing your picture.;)

u old charmer u,
have u got her husband on your friend list to m8 think u might have :hiya:


Distinguished Member
I saw the title of the thread and thought it was bound to be some desperate teen trying to get a 'Lady' on Xbox Live :rolleyes:

What a suprise to see its a real girly trying to find other girls.

Well hello :devil:

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