Any feedback from the show please?

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Could not make the show this year, so can anyone post an opinion on what was on offer? Particularly interested in projectors. Z4, 900 etc.


Pete. :thumbsup:

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I went on friday and the show is very good,the sky demo is a bit of a waste of time as the stuff they are showing you will see on other stands so save yourself the queue!! also if you want to see the sony show get a ticket from them as early as you can.the what hi-fi demo is very much worth seeing but expect a queue


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The Sony show demonstration was of HD technology with blue ray and their state of the art Projector Qualia with a xenon lamp , a 3x proprietry chip SXLD to give better resolution etc on which "Ruby" the domestic version soon to be released is based. Very Impressive indeed. SKY had a futuristic but bland uninformative Demo which only advertised future availability and the need to get an HD ready Sony Bravia plasma, flatscreen or DLP projection system . Dissapointing! Wasted opportunity by Sky methinks.
Overall though, scale of the show was very impressive ( 5 floors of the Hotel) with Video emphasis firmly on HIGH DEFINITION.
What Hi-Fi demos centred around this and the fact that in the absence of video sources, early adaptors could take solace in x-box 360s ability to do games in HD. Most video sources were from pc based servers with the hd clips . nontheless ,awesome visually.
Epson demoed the TW600-520 projectors with reduced prices and show offers of wall or tripod screens
Audiowise, Yamaha demonstrated the YSP-1000 and 800 Digital Sound ( single box ) projector which in practice actually makes you think you are getting full surround sound from a multi-channel speaker system: It will not replace traditional multiple speaker packages but it is extremely clever technonlogy that works.
There was Dali and another Danish Speaker maker Vifa demonstrating very high quality speaker packages for reasonable money :smashin:
Surround sound ( 6.1/ 7.1) has become very mainstream now and was routinely demonstrated in most rooms with AV equipment.
Cambridge Audio and one or 2 other compaies were pushing multi room streaming audio as the next way to hear music with thier Audiofile system:
Arcam Audiolab ,Cyrus , Naim, Pioneer, Teac Denon LG Sharp Phillips amongst all the other big & small names were there in a show of force to say the AV industry is alive .Traditional Audio is it seems still alive and well with those who demand their sound reproduction at top notch in full attendance! The best of stuff show had Elonex with its multimedia computers and Jvc with Everio HDD camcorders and Flatscreen TVs'. Samsung, Nokia, T mobile, Gizmondo ,Dixons, Sennhiesers , Archos,X- box 360
All in all a worthwhile way to spend the day!


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Have just got in from the show so will offer my two pence worth...

SIM 2 Demo of their new 3 chipper was very impressive. They had a cinemascope shape screen and a special lense that they slid in front of the projector to give a full screen with no black bars. Looked mightily impressive with footage of Star Wars III.

Sony Qualia Demo with Blu-Ray was great but I have to be honest and say that I didnt think that it was worth the extra outlay over the Sim.
They had the Ruby tucked away in the corner which compared to the Qualia was miniscule. A shame I didnt get to see it running.

Onto EPSOM now and what to me was the highpoint of my visit. They had an LCD projector showing Spiderman 2 on a 120 inch screen.
Considering that the total set up cost a tad under 2 grand I think they won mnay new customers today.

The Sky HD demo. Very odd choice of room. They had a set up of various Sony LCD'S and Plasma's in the room.
Personally I wasnt impressed with the image on the LCD's but was blown away by the image on the Plasma.
They showed some clips of various films, Taxi, Blade Trinity, Day after Tommorrow and some Football. Role on February!!!!

A low point now... Only 2 XBOX 360 pods. Didnt get a chance to play but Call of Duty 2 looked stunning and is definitely an essential purchase.

Kudos to LG for their efforts. HD Footage on their LCD's looked mind bogglingly good. No doubt a few people bought LG sets at the Dixons Stand today.

Sharp had a massive wall of LCD tellies including their 65 incher...
All were showing HD footage and this was of interest to me as I wanted to see what the difference was between their P50 range and the new 6 and 7's in reality.
From about 10 feet away I couldnt see a perceivable difference.

I didnt get into the Denon Demo room so cant comment on that. Their other room had all their products on display and I didnt think it was that special.

Nothing springs to mind at the mo other than travelling up was a pain as they closed Temple due to a security alert.
Was worth the £12 entry though IMO. :smashin:


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usagi13 said:
SIM 2 Demo of their new 3 chipper was very impressive. They had a cinemascope shape screen and a special lense that they slid in front of the projector to give a full screen with no black bars. Looked mightily impressive with footage of Star Wars III.
Agreed the demo of the C3X was impressive :thumbsup: now if I could just scrape together the £16000 and £4000 for the Anamorphic Lens!! :eek:

usagi13 said:
A low point now... Only 2 XBOX 360 pods. Didnt get a chance to play but Call of Duty 2 looked stunning and is definitely an essential purchase.
This also really upset me as I was looking foward to a good few with a range of games, maybe on HD.

On HD, the Sky HD Stand was pointless and offered absolutley nothing that you wouldnt see in any other booth. :thumbsdow

On a brighter note, there were the Nokia Girls :clap:


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You bad man!!! Have to agree though that they were a welcome distraction.

Have to make a mention in relation to Fujitsu as well. They were showing their 1080p LCD projector and were showing footage of 1080i Gladiator which looked stunning. Wasnt impressed with 720p Fifth Element but I think that might have just been the format they were using.

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Disappointing show and certainly not worth £12 . These shows use to be free and and as the exhibitors are trying to sell you some thing there is no reason why they shouldnt continue to be so.
As for exhibitors ? Not a DLP in sight! Sony = doors shut issuing tickets which for me was a complete put off . Mark Levinson tried that stunt at the Heathrow show some years back. They should just let people mill in and out or form queus as others do.As for the lcds on show they loooked pretty impressive with an HD but I would have liked to see how they fared with SD feeds. Also no sign of new impending technologies such as SED and LED???

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just a quick question,were the small samsung lcd's that the xbox 360's were hooked up to HD ??


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Not a bad show but I felt slightly disappointed by it. I found it somewhat better last year but that was probably because I was in the market for an Amp and DVD player then but now I've got them it was more of a 'window shopping' experience.

What Hi-Fi's HD demo was great and definitely worth queing for though the use of an incredibly expensive amp and speaker setup was largely wasted with quiet, non-flattering stereo material (I could see the amp and it was mainly stereo being upscaled to Dolby PLIIx). Of course, we weren't there to hear the amp, we were there to see the HD demos being shown on a top-of-the-range Sim2 projector and I personally wasn't disappointed. Makes going to the cinema look positively poor by comparison.

The Sky HD stand was generally a complete waste of time with the only redeeming feature being able to see the new box in the flesh (it doesn't look that bad really).

The highlight of the show for me was seeing the Xbox 360 being demoed on the 65 inch Sharp LCD in the future home section. Even at the size it looked utterly stunning. PGR 3 was looking very good though there were a few frame rate issues that we were assured would be sorted by launch. PDZ was slightly less impressive in my point of view though it still looked brilliant. The scale of the environments was just astonishing. £280 really is a steal for the Xbox 360 given the Media Center capabilities they were demonstrating on top of the gaming experience.

Everything else was as usual, almost indistinguishable from last year's show right down to the locations of the stands. On the freebie side, which was one of the main reasons I went, T-Mobile were on form with free bags of jelly beans, pens and notepads whilst JVC and Elonex were giving away pens and sweets too. The magnetic pens at the future home stand were also worth a look though they aren't that comfortable to hold. I know, I'm really going into too much detail here but when you're paying £10 to get in, leaving with a few freebies makes you feel like you've actually gained something. Overall, the freebies were good but not on the level of the Birmingham NEC/Earl's Court days. The free Trium pens at the NEC show in 2001 were fantastic, I still use them at work to this day.

To conclude my brief, freebie oriented review; a decent enough show for the HD stuff but why weren't Epson giving away free staplers?


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DM 73 said:
just a quick question,were the small samsung lcd's that the xbox 360's were hooked up to HD ??
They were 23" Samsung LCDs and not the 26" ones I was expecting. Those aren't HD ready.


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Personally I thought it was rubbish, HD was the main thing, a few porjectors/plasma's, but nothing more than you see down a good hifi shop, £12 not well spent!


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guyvert1 said:
Personally I thought it was rubbish, HD was the main thing, a few porjectors/plasma's, but nothing more than you see down a good hifi shop, £12 not well spent!
..ouch.... I disagree. No Good Hifi shop can afford to have and show the amazing amount of and variety of stuff spanning the 5 floors of Novotel Hotel in one shop.
HD ( Which I confess I found a tad tedious initially) is the hot thing at present and the LCDs and Plasmas could be shown in Curries/ Dixons/Comet but you try asking the saleperson any Serious questions.
The Nokia girls were quite pleasant eye candy and the demos by Epson ,Sony ,Sim2 and WHFSV were superlative.
HD is really special especially when viewed projected on a 65 in or more screen!.
Yamahas digital sound projector was IMHO very intriguiging and the chance to hear ( Once again) Arcam ,Audiolab , Cyrus, Denon, Neat Creek Audio and AV etc and even specialists like pure with DAB and Ecosse with the cables and tube amps Audiopax demoing their units was ( to me ) well worth the time even if the £12 was a tad steep for a show where sales was the objective. Perhaps your expectations were different to mine. I am now more encouraged to buy an HD camcorder and an HD ready plasma, lcd or projector or both knowing it will not be a " white elephant"


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I was there on Friday also. I went to mainly check out the stereo set-up's, as my home cinema setup has recently been completed so weren't really looking too hard at the HC side of the show (have plasma/projector/AV 6.1 setup).

The Cyrus and Dynaudio stereo setup's were in my ears, outstanding. Exactly how a 2 channel set-up should be heard. Great seperation and great dynamics. Weren't the cheapest set-up's in the world ;) but boy did they sound good. So when my numbers come up on the Euro-millions rollover, I know where to start looking.

Also, was it just me, but didn't the big plasma screen in the specific Fujitsu show room look awful? When I was in there in the afternoon, it was showing Batman Begins. Not only was it showing it at the wrong aspect ratio (stretched picture) but the colours were off as well with a very bright image. Not good for the main plasma in the demo :rolleyes:

Other than that, as Stuart has says on his review, the Arcam setup was beutiful and sounded great with the PMC speakers (I am slighty bias as I have a lot of Arcam gear, plus I am one of the moderators in the Arcam forum here).

This was my first AV show, which is amazing for me given I've been buying the stuff for 7 years on and off. And I thought it was great. I was only there for just over three hours (due to travel) but thought it was just the right blend of gadgets and hifi/HC to keep me happy. Next year I'll definately be sorting out some more time to spend there, having more listening and viewing time. And probably by then the upgradtitis bug would have kicked back in and I can use the credit card again :devil:




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Sounds like I didn't miss out on too much then, was looking forward to the Sky HD demo but from the sounds of it, it seems like it was a non-event which is disappointing. I went to the show last year and was a bit disappointed, so given some are saying it was worse than last year I'm glad I didn't go. I hope they revert back to Earls Court next year.


I went Sunday afternoon, lots of HiFI equipment, but by the time you reached the 5 floor all the speakers sounded the same,

I saw LOTS of equipment i wanted to buy, laser vitual keyboard, DAB Radios, Sharp LCD, etc etc but EVERY stand, OH NO sir you can LOOK but NOT buy, the only shops i saw where Senheiser and Dixons, plus a few cable stalls on the ground floor, all in all VERY disapointed and so was my credit card company coz i went with the intention wont be back of taking it to the MAX!! lol

cheers Jaffa
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