Any experience of Canton or Magnat subwoofers ?


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Hi Salva

Most of the people in Germany would prefer the Canton. I never auditioned them face to face, but the general thought is that the Canton gives a more balanced sound, while the Magnat is just punch. I have a Magnat Alpha 30, as you know, and I can tell you it shakes the room (not the whole house, but only because I don't allow it to do it...). It lacks of detail, as I told you, and that detail is there in the case of the Canton (that's what I've heard...).
When I bought it, I was starting in this, and I didn't really care enough about it. BIG mistake. Today I'd do an audition of both, and my guess is I'd take the Canton, but I can't promise.
Needless to say: do not believe the figures they quote... My Magnat drops to -6 dB at 30 Hz with respect to the "flat" part of its freq. response. I bet the same holds for the Canton.
Oh, and don't forget the rule I learnt here: no sub is better than bad sub...
So better wait and buy something according to the rest of your system later...

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