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Any existing / ex Marantz SR7000 owners would like to upgrade / already upgraded ???!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by AVJ, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. AVJ


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    Hi all existing / ex Marantz SR7000 owners !

    I owed a Marantz SR7000 Surround Receiver, and is still happy with its performance.

    However, the Marantz has been used for some years, and I am considering of whether any possible upgrade is "worth" the money ?

    My current setup :-
    Surround Receiver : Marantz SR7000
    Front-Speaker : KEF Q50
    Center-Speaker : KEF Reference Model 90
    Rear-Speaker : Goodman Arena
    Sub-woofer : KEF Model 20B
    DVD Player : Philips 963SA
    CD Player : Arcam Alpha One
    Power filter / surge protector : Furutech 168

    Any suggestion / recommendation ? or in fact I can still kept my SR7000 and enjoy it for some more times ?

    My prime requirement is "Sound quality" (both Movie & Music), and other "functionalities/features" will be less important.

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