Any ex-pw6 owners gone for a HD paner


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Just curious if any PW5/6/7 owners who have sold up their SD panel and bought a HD one, to guage their thoughts as to whether it was money well spent :D


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Definitley, just for the lack of colour banding on the PHD range.
When I first swapped the difference was around £1500 to go up to the PHD6, you can buy a PHD9 for less than that now, be rude not to really. ;)


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I upgraded from a PWD4 to a PHD7 then a PHD8, then a Fujitsu 58 series. I calibrate screens for a living so have to have "hands-on experience" of the latest screens - at least that what's I tell my wife!

The PWD4 was a very, very good screen and I miss it. With SD material I got consistently great picture quality after ISF calibrating it.

HD (Euro 1080, then Snazzio) arrived and I needed an HD panel to demo the new arrivals.

The PHD7 appeared to be the answer, except that it couldn't cope with HDCP over DVI. Other than that, it was better than the PWD4, though there were times that I thought the PWD4 did better with SD material.

The PHD8 solved the HDCP problems. Fantastic calibrator-friendly features (gun off to remove the need for colour filters etc.).

I don't have a PH9, so can't comment on it. I switched to Fujitsu having been blown away by the picture quality at the Bristol show last year.

As Gizlaroc has said, colour banding is substantially improved with the PHD range. The PHD7 / PHD8 (and I am guessing PH9) should show big improvements.


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The PW4 and 5 were awesome screens, but that was the days when they made them to a certain quality rather than a certain price point.
I would really like to hear about the PHD9, someone I know well and whose opinion I trust has just swapped his 50PHD8 over for a 42PHD9 and says it is no where near as good, he is actually on his second screen as he said he wasn't happy and the place he bought it from said it may be a problem and swapped it out. But he said it is still the same, sort of like a coloured macroblocking is how he described it. Seems like the price point they are making them to has got too low?? :(

He actually said that he prefered the 427XD, and he hated the 436-XDE with a passion, the panels poor fill rate, awful image retention, judder, terrible colours out of the box and the fact they wanted to charge you £300 for cable to reach you system stand. But he is seriously considering the new screen.

I am itching to see the new Pio in action now, walked passed them loads of times and not bothered stopping, but think I might make the effort to have a look tomorrow, need a new TV for the conservatory and have always loved the way the Pioneers looked, and the Fuji is too much money for a second set.

How many of those that didn't like the 6 series Pioneer screens have seen the 7 series and been impressed, or not??


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I took a quick look at a 507 in a shop (didn't like the 6 series personally) and I thought it certainly seemed to have a better picture, couldn't see the honeycomb as much and blacks seemed ok (considering the environment). Didn't get a chance to look properly as the 3year old was trying to destroy a turntable at the time.

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