Any Eve-Online Players here ?

Matt Horne

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General question.. I will probably be getting this as it looks like fun.. and should fit in with my limited spare time..

Anyone playing this at the mo ?



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Used to play EVE lots last year when it first came out..... worked out I clocked over 270 hours on it back in May :eek:

I also did some beta testing for the game in its final stages.

Warning like a lot of MMORPG's it’s a major time sink! You will find that your limited time disappears very fast.

I gave it up before Christmas as it was starting to get a bit boring... possibly I over played it :D
Among other things I need to reclaim my life.... but I have been thinking about maybe re-joining it , as it seems to have undergone some good content updates lately. This time if I do I will do it in a more controlled fashion. Playing a game until 5am is not good for my sleep pattern!

Along with the official site a great source of info & tools on the game is



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almost a year on who's playing it? especially since the exodus upgrade. I've playing a 14-day trial at the mo (on day 6) as I'm liking it so may probably subscribe.

how far have you got which race etc etc.... tips? ;)

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