Any Ellie Advantage 200 owners out there?


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Ellies website obviously has an error on it. The Advantage 200 16:9 is said to have a white area of 200cm, 5cm borders on either side but a 206cm canister width. My arithmetic may be bad, but that doesn't add up!

We're looking for either a 213cm or 200cm screen, and if the "off the peg" Ellie is really 200cm wide, I might save some cash and go for that, rather than a custom size. However if it's actually a 190 white area, that's getting a bit small.

Any Ellie owner got a tape measure handy?


Worth confirming with Ellie first.

I ordered the Advantage 160, 1600x900, but the screen measured 1500x900 (The canister width quoted was actually correct at 166cm, but the white area was wrong - not much good!)

Its not just smaller, but obviously also the wrong aspect ratio.


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Thanks Squealer. I did have a very brief chat with someone at Ellie a while ago, and they thought the white area was wrong. I looked again at the website more recently and saw that the model numbers are 160/200/250 so I started thinking "surely that must be the screen size afterall". Clearly not though from what you're saying....and a wrong aspect ratio too - whoops!

Right, no problem, custom size it is then. I was going to be paying the 15% customisation fee to get extra drop, so I'll go for the 250 and get them to cut it down.


I think basically somebodys made a c**k up somewhere - what's the point of a 15:9 screen anyway.

They are changing mine now (hopefully next week) for the correct size, and don't see why you would need to pay extra for 200/250 white area wide.

But if you need extra drop then fair enough, custom it is.


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I am considering getting a motorised screen from which needs to be 16x9 and i am looking at either the 2m or 2.4 wide screens.

Has anyone *recently* received one of these screens as when I phoned up they said they are getting some new types in from italy.

Pictures etc would be usefull if anyone wants to post..


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