Any dog lovers out there? shameless plug ahead...


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For the website my good lady has produced, with some assistance from yours truly.


It has been live a few weeks now. So if you like dogs or know anybody that likes dogs, please visit and spend loads of money there, as I would like a new PJ for Xmas ;)

BTW hope this ok with the mods. its a new venture for her and any support gratefully appreciated.


PS if you do buy anything, tell her you got the address from here. :smashin: so she wont complain about me spending too much time on here.

EDIT - she has just asked me to mention that she sells the Genuine Churchill Nodding dogs, as seen on the TV adverts


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What's wrong with wanting a new set of pyjamas for Xmas????

ps,some of us have slobbery Italian Spinones,shame on you for missing this breed out :D


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shahedz said:
chris nice website and best of luck to your good lady with it, will forward the link to freinds of mine who are dog owners! :thumbsup:
Fido says "woof, woof"

Which I think means "thanks very much"

Dr Diversity

The alsation (German Sheperd) is cr*p at hide and seek!

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