Any disadvantage of 48 v 55 oled other than size and price?


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My 37" plasma recently broke and I've been eyeing up an oled for a while so now is the time to buy. A 48 would fit perfectly on my current stand without any overhang (of the bezel not the TV's stand) but there is room for a 55. We sit 7ft from the tv, I just think it would seem obscenely big in the room when turned off. A 48 would be the best size but given the price is practically the same and everyone says you get used to huge TVs quickly, I'm struggling to decide.

At worst I could buy a 55 and return it but rather avoid the hassle. Has anyone gone for a 48 and regretted not going bigger or 55 and wished it were a bit smaller? Thinking of the LG CX specifically.
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I find 55 is just right for SD channels on Sky or freeview. and much better for HD.



Comes down to your own personal preferences, bigger is certainly better if you want to make the most of higher quality sources and want more immersion, but its not necessary.

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