Any digital TV tuner DVD/HDD available?


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Just wondering if there are any plans for DVD/HDD to incorporate a digital/Freeview tuner instead of analogue?


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It wud be nice

The new Sony RDR-HX8 DVD-R/±RW DVD/HDD 160 gb Recorder is the one im saving for and as it will be about £800 I cant see why it doesnt have a digital receiver. Seeing as widescreen tv only shows properly on digital.

We can but hope!!


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Fusion are supposed to be launching a DTT box with a hard disc and DVD burner. They're not exactly Sony or Panasonic tho'.

Ideally, Sony will release a DTT version of their forthcoming HX8. I'd love that. :smashin:


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Don't depress up - nobody appears to want to release the killer product.

Bit stream from DTTV to HD to DVD would be brilliant.

However PCs can do this


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The Panasonic E100 looks exactly like what i'm after but if only they could incorporate a Freeview into the box this would be THE one to buy.

I think i'll wait and see what happens as surely this has got to happen soon.


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I've begun to realise one thing recently, the manufactures have a plan for the next n months/years.
This plan involves people (especially in Japan for some reason), buying a product that is similar to what we require, but not quite right, then the next year / 6 months another product is launched that is closer, etc.
This obviously makes profits for the m/f's and people like me follow them around waiting !
For example, Panasonic last year launched the E50/E60/E100 DVD-RAMs without progressive scan/component output.
Yet in the US it did have component. When I asked Panasonic about this last October they said it will be on next Aprils models.

The next move will be component (with same HD (20 Gb less than USA), then 6 months later (Oct?) slightly bigger hard drive, then 6 months later much bigger hard drive, then maybe by next October possibly freeview.
Then possibly 2006 twin tuner, by which time it'll be blu-ray or HD-DVD time, obviously with something missing.
And I as usual will be buying every 'upgrade' and putting my old E50, then E85 etc in the classified section.
I basically predict it will probably not be until next year that freeview appears in these, especially with the problems still with many areas not able to receive a signal (including mine!).



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I think we are only 3 months maximum away from DVD-R/HDD combo with DTT tuner, but top up TV and the lack of an EPG are holding things back.


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You may be right, but at the moment I have'nt seen anything from the big manufacturers apart from Thomson, regarding DTTV + HD + DVD-R before next year.
As for EPG, I did miss that out, that may be this year, IMO due to Philips pushing the market and saying they had it ready over 6 months ago !



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This unit doesn't have a DVD burner but still seems a good cheap alternative...


A kind of Freeview meets basic tivo?

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