Any difference between ...


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... Tiger Woods 2007 on PS3 and the xbox 360? The main reason I ask is that on it's £25 on the 360 and £40 on PS3. I heard a whisper it runs slightly better on the 360 (from someome biased)

Anyone who owns (unlikely) both or had played both (surely soooomeone? :)) have any input on this? I'd like to justify getting it on PS3 as it's my new shiny console but the 360 is fine and if it's £15 cheaper........

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I have a link to a comparison of the two titles but its on my laptop at work. If you can wait until Tuesday I'll post it. It allows you to mouse over an image from in-game and change between the 360 and PS3 screenshot instantly so that you can compare them properly.

Basically from what I remember the 360 had the better graphics but appart from that they are identical.


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Ahh much appreciated guys. Thank you. :) Sounds like the 360 is a more sensible purchase ......but then I think my Live sub needs renewing to play it online... it's free on PS3........ Looks like the PS3 it is!

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