Any developments on Short(er) throw lenses for SIM2's?


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My Sony VPL VW 10HT, whilst still a very nice PJ, is getting old in the tooth.

I am still keen to join the SIM2 owners club - just limited by the length of my room and the throw of the standard lenses.

My budget precludes the three chip version! - so I'm just wondering if there have been (or will be!) any developments in making short throw lens options available for the HT300 series?

I have an 8ft screen (which I dont want to change) and a maximum available distance screen:lens of 4000mm = throw ratio of 1.64

Ideally I'd like a PJ with a HD2+ chip, seven segment colour wheel and HDMI inputs.



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I have heard no news of any shorter throw lenses for their single chip projectors.
If there are any developments on this front I am sure Alan will post any info.



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Sorry to drag this up again - but I feel it's an important issue.

Does the short throw lens from the HT500 fit the 300 chassis??

If so then this might be something I'd consider - just imagine it, a HT300 Link with Short Throw High Quality lens! You'd sell loads!:smashin:


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The Minolta lens series designed for the HT500 3 chipper are not compatible with the Fujinon lenses used on the Domino and 300 ranges of Sim2 projectors.
I too wish there was a shorter throw option but alas there isn't at present.

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