Any Demand for good quality coax interconnects?


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Quite a short and simple post,

Is there any demand for people wanting good quality aerial/coaxial interconnects of custom lengths?

Constructed from high-quality Webro WF100 Coaxial cable in either white or black, high quality crimped Vision F connectors. Screw-in adaptors then supplied to give a huge variety of connection options at the end of each cable, which can even be easily changed in the future.

If so I will email the mod-team to try and come to an arrangement.


I could have done with a few custom lengths of coax cable last week.

Mounted our 46X on Thursday but have yet to set the cables in place. I picked up 2 5m length Profigold aerial cables as we needed at least 3.5-4m from wall to tv.

If you don't mind answering a question for me though, where would I be able to get hold of some clip-on ferrite cores for tv coax cable?? I've found a link to some on Maplin but I am unsure if they might be suitable: Ferrites#spec


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From experience I have found ferrite cores to have been the cause for interference on coaxial aerial cable. This was quite a while back so I never experimented with them properly.

I would of said Maplin but it looks as if they do not produce them small enough.

They really shouldn't be needed with aerial cable.

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