Any Deals Around For Sky+ Upgrade?


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As title.

I bought my parents a used Sky+ box to upgrade their standard box, with the intention of installing myself. But I'm struggling to find the time a the moment.

The quotes from local installers to run 10M of cable for the second feed seem to suggest that they'd be using 24 carat solid gold F-connectors & that their labour rates are on par with plumbers! :eek:


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It's doubtful that Sky will do it for you as they didn't supply the receiver, so it looks like case of shop around locally:(

Maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows...a Sky installer who may like some extra cash:D


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I'm not looking for Sky to install the box I bought, rather to provide a standard upgrade. I would then either resell the Pace I bought or the Amscrap if that's what they install.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.


at the moment the cheapest option is with sky ASA'a who are doing it for £79 plus install.(also someone said comets/currys were doing this price but i have no way of knowing if this is true)you will have to search the yellow pages to find a local one to are doing it for £99 plus instal if done online but you can it down to £49 if you take multiroom and sky b/band etc

or you could try the old "i.m canceling" trick and see if its your lucky day:)

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