Any cure for TV-induced speaker buzz?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by lungfish, Sep 9, 2002.

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    My TV (a Panasonic TX28DK1) is causing an annoying buzzing noise from my centre speaker (a Mission Diamond 8 centre parked on top of the TV). It's definitely the TV, since the noise stops when the TV is switched off. Interestingly, the buzz stays if I disconnect the speaker cable, but goes away if I also take off the bi-wiring links on the speaker. Not that either of those are much use. All discussed at length in this thread.

    My options seem to be:
    1. Get the TV fixed, if possible. I bought it used from a colleague, including an extended warranty that's in the process of transferring to me. So I should be able to get it looked at without paying through the nose for it.
    2. Move the speaker to a less than ideal location (such as the bottom shelf of the TV stand), far enough from the TV for the buzz to disappear.
    3. Change the TV and/or speakers, both of which I'd like to avoid if at all possible.
      Regarding getting the TV fixed, does anyone care to guess what might be wrong with it (so I sound like less of a total muppet when I call them) or whether it sounds like something that can even be fixed? It might just be a 'feature' of the set, I guess...

      If there's any miracle cure for this kind of interference, I'd love to hear about that too :)

      Many thanks in advance,


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