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Any comments on specs of HTPC?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by shing, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. shing


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    Hi there, I intend to build my HTPC. Please commend on the hardware selection. I intend to run Zoom Player, FFDShow and Dscaler on Win Xp (SP2).

    1) Intel Pentium 4 530 3.0 ghz
    2) Intel D915GAG MOBO
    3) 512MB PC3200 X 4 = 2GB RAM
    4) ASUS 16X DVDROM
    4) ATI X850XT 256MB Video card
    5) Antec 480 watts Power Supply
    6) High Point SATA RAID 2 Channel
    7) 36.7 GB 10K SATA WD Raptor
    8) Cooler Master ATC-620 Casing
    9) M-Audio Delta 1010LT Sound Card or RME (which model?)

  2. mephistopheles


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    Intel775? Why??

    The Intel board model you quote is microATX. It comes with Intel HD Audio and GMA900 graphics onboard, which is wasted if you use add-in cards. And where are you going to plug everything in? It has only x2 33MHz PCI slots.

    I'd go for AMD64 solution on nForce4 Ultra PCI-E board, eg Gigabyte K8NXP-9 (has x2 sets x4 SATA with RAID, analogue + good quality SPDIF in/out sound + x2 Gbit Ethernet onboard). If you must have Intel, I'd go for a Northwood on an ASUS i875P board (with similar onboard components).

    2x512MB DDR400 rather than 4x256MB would leave you room to add more later.

    Presumably you're talking about x2 Raptors. They are (or were) noisy, expensive, relatively low capacity, and unnecessarily fast for HCPC. I'd go for Seagates every time (don't believe what they say (said?) about Samsungs).

    PSU is a bit OTT? Do you need so much power for this system? 350-400watt, eg Seasonic or Tagan (Antec are very good PSUs but not the quietest), is enough.

    Unless you're a heavy gamer, the X850 is over spec for HCPC. I just fitted an ASUS AX300 at £35 to a AMD64/nForce4U Gigabyte system (as above) and it worked beautifully for the applications you've indicated.

    M-audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 (currently £60 inc VAT) would be good enough for me but there's a new 196 version out.

    I think you've overlooked a capture card. Sweetspot's the only low (ish) cost RGB/component card around.

    Hope this helps.....................

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