Any comments on JVC AV28X37 or a 28" widescreen TV for about £400?


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Feb 10, 2004
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I know this question gets asked a lot but I've searched on here and the internet in general and the last telly I wanted to buy I got put right off with some of the comments (Panasonic TX-28PS1)

Anyway, I'm after a 28" pureflat widescreen CRT telly, which must have the following :-

3 scart sockets (or I could maybe live with 2 and a discreet AV input, but preferably 3+AV)
NTSC & Pal 60 support (For playing PS2 games through RGB, and also watching import DVDs)
Ideally 2 of the scarts would support RGB but I realise that at the price I want to pay that it's unlikely.
Good picture (obviously)
Plenty of widescreen modes (i.e not just a choice of 2 or 3 zooms)
Cabinet included in the price

Price ideally around the £400 mark, not much over.

I've found the JVC AV28X37 for £438 with cabinet, which seems to do everything I want (3 scarts, only 1 rgb though) and also has 100Hz support which I'm not too bothered about. Should I be? Is 100Hz worth having?

I haven't found many comments about this set, is it fairly new or just unpopular?

Anyways, anyone here got any comments about this TV or suggest any similarly priced alternatives?

Also, any decent suppliers of said TV who you'd recommend? (Preferably not high street superstores, I'm just not a fan of them)
I don't mind buying online and waiting a few days for delivery.

One final question - Am I right in thinking that I'll only get a colour picture when playing American DVDs if I connect my DVD player through the RGB socket? Would I be able to get a colour picture through S-Video or Composite?

Thanks for any advice you can give
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