Any cheap 1X2 HDMI splitters with EDID/DDC Spoofing...yet?


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May 5, 2013
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All my troubles started when I bought a 23" LED monitor for my PC. Soon I bought a BD player with Internet, so I can and do enjoy BD and Netflix etc. on this monitor. I don't think I ever used it for its intended purpose of replacing one of my desktop monitors.

The problem is I can't get over-the-air DTV on the monitor. I would either need an HDMI DTV box ($$$ last time I checked), or upgrade my PC to an HTPC.

I've been fiddling with that solution for some time. Luckily I found a decent Hauppage pci tuner for a few $ at a thrifstore. For about $10 more I bought a usb TOSLINK audio adapter so now, at least, I can watch TV on my PC monitor and have the sound come through my receiver.

Getting my PC desktop (with the TV window in it) to display onto the new monitor has been tricky. Getting the PC to switch back and forth from the new monitor to my old monitor (still on desktop) without jumping through a lot of hoops has been _very_ problematic.

After reading many threads here I've come to believe I need a 1X2 splitter device that spoofs EDID, and perhaps a few other features not found on most el-cheapo

Soooo.... does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive splitter that incorporates EDID spoofing? Has anyone gotten it all down into a single piece of silicon?

I'm about to give up and dump my monitor (or maybe use it on my PC... but it turns out I find 1080P extremely annoying as a pc screen format) and buy a nice 37-50 inch LED HDTV and be mostly done with it. But occasionally it would be nice to use my computer in bed, so ultimately I fear I'll still want a sophisticated splitter.

Not easy following what you are trying to achieve and what you believe a device with EDID spoofing is going to achieve!

You say you don't like running your desktop at 1080p but want to add a new HDTV - wont that be 1920x1080?

Yes, though it's not so bad at 720p. I did a bit of research and found a DTV tuner with hdmi out for ~$40. I'm very impressed with it for the price. Supposed to have some DVR functionality as well, haven't fiddled with that aspect yet. So now my pc is back to being a PC (with a TV tuner so I can watch in-line with "work") and my 1080p monitor functions well enough as a TV to hold me over until the prices on 40+" 3D TVs tumble into the comfy range. On those rare occasions when i want to use the 1080p on my PC, I'll just hot plug or power cycle the monitor.

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