Any chance of White on launch day?

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Whats the word on White? do you reckon there will be any knocking about in the apple stores on launch day (not for demo, to buy) ie preordered a 32 GB Black but any chance of bieng able to swap to white in the day.

If not how long is the wait for white gonna be?:confused:


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seems service providers (orange confirmed) will offer these, just not apple?

correct me if im wrong...
Everywhere in the world can not get the white ones, Apple are not selling them at launch... There's no way in hell any networks will have the white ones.


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Nice as it would be, I have a strong feeling Apple are holding them back. They are masters of manipulating supply against demand.

Why launch black & white at the same time, when you can launch black and then get a second launch with white?

Now, if the white one had additional features, imagine the uproar... :D


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I hope the white ones are available at launch. I'm having a tough enough time deciding which to get as it is, and I can get very impatient. I hate that they've shown off the white model but it's looking unlikely it will be available.

If it were unavailable for a week after launch I might be able to wait, and it could help get me some extra cash to go toward it but if it's not available for a Month of a couple of Months then I'm going to feel even more frustrated than I am now.


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There is already a thread discussing the availability of the white iPhone so im going to close this one.
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