Any central heating engineers on here?


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I have a problem with my central heating at the moment. Although I have the radiators completely turned off on the console they still come on when the hot water comes on. My brother in law thought it was the actuator motor so replaced this and left. Unfortunately it has made no difference. My hubby says the valve seems to be turning ok but maybe not enough?

After a bit of research it looks like I need to replace the valve but I dont fancy forking out money to find out its not.

The system is 5 years old if thats any help.

Can anyone please help?



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I had an issue where I could only get hot water when the radiators were on, diagnosed as divertor valve issue.

It's worth checking your boiler and phoning the tech dept of the manufacturer and seeing what they say.



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almost certainly the internals of the 3 way valve are passing , shouldnt be that expensive a job , seen as though you have a new valve head see if you can just buy a new body instead of a complete new valve :)

hi robb

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Divertor valve / or is my father in law calls it the actuator!

It's a switch which controls a valve between water only / water + Rads / rads only only dependant on what you set on your controls. At some point simply wear and tear will either burn the electrics out on the board, the motor or thw valve will simply jam up.

We've had the same thing except it was the other way around, hot water but no heating. Quick call to our local friendly corgi engineer, 50 quid, one new valve and 10 minutes later and the job was done.



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We had the same problem, the valve was diagnosed as the problem, but it actually turned out to be incorrect wiring in the hot water tank thermostat.

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