Any c# ASP.NET developers ?


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I'm a developer who wants to put together a little proof of concept app in ASP.NET (C# in visual studio 2008).

Basically all I want to do is :

Page 1 : Display a datagrid populated with order header summary info loaded into an object via webservice call (which performs an order enquiry on all orders for dispatch today). The Class is created, webservice call working fine, data is returned and the object is populated - just don't know how to bind the object to datagrid. From this page user can select an item from the list or enter a reference number into a textbox control to select an order which is not displayed in the list. Once selected continue to page 2.

Page 2 : Load full order details using order number selected from page 1. Call webservice to retrieve data and populate full order object (header and lines). Classes are created, webservice call working fine and object populated from XML results (LINQ to XML is quite good at first glance).

That's it. I've written the webservice as part of a development I'm working on and just want a simple ASP.NET front end to demo as a proof of concept for another application I think the data provided by the webservice could be useful for.

Any pointers to online tutorials etc greatly appreciated. I've never strayed into ASP.NET and don't even know how to do basics like accept input from one page and use it to load data for next page etc. I've found tutorials where data is loaded into a dataset based on selection from a list which is bound to a grid on the same page, but that doesn't suite what I'm doing. To fancy the page up we have DevExpress ASP.NET controls, but I just want to get it up and running with simple native controls first.



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One of the biggest helps there is I found was the help file (help.chm I think it is?)

Also on the msdn and technet sites there are loads of help there. Check out too as there are a few things there and some bright people too. Not ventured into ASP.NET either (only but is there not anything on google? I have tried C Sharp (there is no hash key on my Macs keyboard :confused::confused::confused:) and honestly found VB alot easier to get to grips with, maybe try that first. Its not a powerful or as graphical a C Sharp but is still pretty good.


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There's loads on google - too much, but most I've found give very simple examples of retrieving from SQL dataset and binding that straight to a grid and a lot are old and out of date for the latest .NET and I'm getting fed up of reading the same stuff over and over. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a bit more in-depth tutorials on ASP.NET dev with .NET 3.x

We've just got MSDN licenses at work so I'll have a look what's on there.


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I've only ever used bound datagrids, I guess if you wanted to populate one manually, you would need to do a for-each enumeration of your object and load it up row by row. Or maybe populate a local dataset from your object and bind to that? (Hugely inefficient I know, but sometimes dotNET makes you jump through stupid hoops if you want something outside the usual bounds.)

As for C# vs VB.Net, I find them to be so similar, that I generally go for VB as the easier option, with the added bonus better error highlighting and intellisense spelunking rather than reading the manual. :rolleyes:

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