Any BT engineers / experts - assistance required please

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I need some information / advice re the following please...

Due to the winds it seems our telephone line attached to the fascia boards (PVC) has been pulled off.

The phone line is hanging very low (almost touching the ground) across our and the neighbours drive (shared drive) , we are also experiencing crackling on the line.

Its pulled the spare wiring that was attached to the wall too - lucky this was there otherwise would have pulled the line out completely

It was attached to the fascia with some sort of metal pole with wire wrapped round the line and had a base plate on it with four screw holes , this was in turn screwed to the fascia

Is it something I can do myself or do I need an engineer out , more importantly will I be charged the rather high £130 for this.

If its something I can do - can someone tell me what -is it as simple as re-attaching to the fascia , i dont really want to attach it to that again as its damaged the fascia so would rather attach it to a wall.

Whats the best way to attach to a wall and get tension back into the line.
Its difficult to pull the telephone line and get tension into it to screw it to the wall

or is just best to bite the bullet and pay BT to come and resolve ?
These winds are costing me a small fortune - already need to replace fence panels and an outside light as it is:rolleyes:

any advice appreciated



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had a closer inspection now with more light and it looks like a job for BT.

The black wire has split and the internal wiring is showing and literally hanging on by a thread, looks like a tree branch or something must have caught it and ripped it out:(

BT are sending someone over now to make it safe (disconnect the line) and will hopefully fix it in the next 2 days - so no phone line for a while.

Now to get the fence panels and outside light fixed :suicide:

BT Bob

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Bit late, but this is BT's responsibility. Everything up to the point the "drop-wire" terminates on your Master Line Jack Unit is theirs.

The fact that it's low down, and therefore a safety hazard, should mena they make it a priority. They'll probably fit a new bracket to the fascia (has that been damaged?) - to a different spot from where it was ripped out of - and run in a new drop-wire span to the pole.

Hopefully, the wind will have abated enought for the engineer to climb his ladder - the pole-end isn't too bad as he'll tie to to the pole. it's the house-end that's the more dangerous.


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Thanks for the response, they called last night and sent someone out to make the line safe.
They did make it a priority due to the dropped wire.

He decided to fix it then and there to save him coming back the next day.
didn't take too long and its all working fine now

He fixed the line to the wall instead of the fascia to give it more stability / strength too using a bolt he fixed to the wall.

I'm actually quite impressed with BT, there was a line fault over christmas which they managed to fix within a day , so twice they have managed to resolve issues within hours:thumbsup:

Now onto repairing the fence and light

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