Any Black Gold DVB-T card users ?


I have some questions about the Black Gold DVB-T card. "Usage-type" questions - the sort you don't even know you need to ask until you already have owned similar kit.

For any Black Gold users:

1) Can the view be switched to "full-screen" rather than in a window of the
BlackGold TV app

2) If it can, and you are watching live TV, can PAUSE, FF and REWIND of live
TV happen in fullscreen ?

3) Are all functions like "channelchange" , "teletext", "pause live TV" ,
"rewind" , "fast-forward" mapped to keystrokes ?

4) Does the card/software handle digital teletext ( such as BBCi's Multi
NewsScreen service ) and if, so does this work fullscreen ?

5) Is automatic aspect ratio switching working in full-screen ( i.e. For
example say I am watching fullscreen at a 16:9 desktop resolution - are
widescreen adverts on Channel4 shown full-width and then when a 4:3
programme like "Will and Grace" starts it is displayed at the correct ratio
*automatically* with vertical black bars either side )

6) Can I set recordings *without* using the BlackGoldTV application ( maybe
by putting entries in the registry or by running a single visual basic
script ) - I ask this because I would want to integrate the BlackGold card
with the DigiGuide EPG application - this can call out to external
programmes and supply recording info such as "date" "start time" "length of
recording" "channel" , so I would want to tell DigiGuide to run a little
script to set a recording in the BlackGold application - is this possible ?

7) What exactly do you get PCI card, remote?, software?, drivers?

8) What is the exact format of the captured recording files ?

Are there any URL's to reviews out there ?

Thanks in advance.
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