Any better RF capable remotes ?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by LoPro, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I just bought a Philips SBC RU885 which is a learning remote which has a two lined LCD with soft buttons, RF capability (for an extender originally), any-key-macros, sensored backlighting, and a home cinema mode (punch-through in all directions). But I am wondering if there are other options if I bought another remote from a foreign store rather than what the RU885 cost in Norway, about $124.

    I want to control my X10 equipment by RF, and the RU885 lets me do this by learning the X10 RF codes through an IR transmitter on my computer (from CCF files), and then setting that device (on my remote) to transmit codes by RF instead of IR (there are no cables or other ways than IR to learn). I will also be able to control my computer this way as it has an RF receiver.

    This way I can make macros on any button including lighting by RF, computer by RF, and all other AV equipment by IR.

    Are there any other remotes I should consider which can do this at that price ?

    Note: I live in Norway and all RF is on 433.92Mhz (remote, X10 and PC RF receiver).

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